All About Dog Treats


It is easy to buy dog treats these days from supermarkets and pet food stores. But are they healthy? The answer is sometimes. In an increasingly animal-focused society, it is easy to succumb to the marketing tactics of many commercial dog brands which promise to enhance the health of your dogs while very little to no quality control measures.

Choosing Dog Treats

As consumers and pet owners, it is up to us to watch out for these marketing promises. Pet owners should do their own research into ingredients and also get advice from a trusted veterinarian.

When shopping for dog treats, we always want to make sure that what we are buying is indeed a natural dog treat and not just some yummy looking snack mix that we hope our dog will like. But we don’t consider the adverse health effects that the preservatives and fillers in the treats might be bad for our pets.

Another vital thing is the number of calories in the dog snacks. Although it is good to provide a crunchy dog treat, remember that any excess calories consumed can convert into excess fat so it’s best to choose an appropriate serving size. 

A good way of finding dog treats that are both healthy and low in calories is to check online for different brands of dog treats. You can usually find a wholesaler for dog treats and this should also be a good way of checking nutritional value. Many companies like to sell their products at lower prices because they get a better supply of the product from the wholesaler and this means that they can offer them at lower prices. 

Organic Options

The other thing that you should consider is the ingredients that are used to prepare these treats and although most dog food brands are pretty similar in terms of quality, there are some differences. For instance, WAG for Dogs treats are made with organic beef and they have low fat and high nutritional content. This makes them an excellent choice and they are far superior to many other treats. 

You should also consider organic dog foods when making your dog treats as this will ensure that your pet does not ingest any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Just be sure that your dog snack has high protein content and this can help increase the muscle growth of your dog.

There are many different brands of dog treats so be sure to read the ingredients list to make sure that you are buying only healthy and nutritious ingredients. You should also consider asking the retailer or brand you are buying from if they add any flavour enhancers to their dog treats. Although the flavour enhancers do not add any nutritional value to the dog treats, they do make them tasty and many people prefer this as their dogs don’t get as greedy. The best part about buying your dog treats from a trusted brand is that you know that your dog will be receiving a healthy diet.

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